Judge Cory Lund Standing Orders

Judge Lund’s Standing Order For Courtroom 602

  1. The court does not accept or read any courtesy copies, memorandum or brief before any court hearing unless specifically asked for by the court.
  2. Any pre or post hearing submission shall have a 5 page limit and concentrate on applicable case law and statutes.
  3. All scheduled court events shall be conducted in person, in court.
  4. The zoom video platform may be used to appear in court in the following circumstances: a. When any party or attorney has a disability or illness that causes extreme hardship in attending court. b. When any parties or attorney’s regular living place or office is more than 60 miles as the crow flies from the Joliet courthouse. c. Attorney General and State’s Attorney as a regular attendee to court. d. When the court permits with advance notice on status conferences and simple, non-argued events. e. When emergency procedures are in place by order of the Chief Judge, Governor, or other authoritative body.
  5. Agreed orders will be accepted without scheduling with the court clerk when the order resolves the whole or a part of the matter. Agreed orders will NOT be accepted without scheduling with the court clerk if the agreement continues any pending court date.