Will County Bar Association Advertising Opportunities

Build Your Exposure with WCBA Advertising

The WCBA offers advertising opportunities thru email newsletters,  press releases, continuing education seminars, annual golf outing, special events and annual gala.

For information regarding sponsorship opportunities regarding the annual golf outing; CLE seminars; and our web site, please contact Annie Hogan at 815-726-0383 or info@willcountybar.org .

The Will County Bar Association reserves the right in their sole discretion to reject any ad that it believes may be inappropriate or offensive.

All advertisements will be listed in the Classified Section with the following disclaimer: The material and information contained below is for general information only and does not constitute any advice or recommendations by the WCBA.

Please call the Will County Bar Office at 815.726.0383 or email info@willcountybar.org if you have any questions.


Newsletter Advertising

Newsletter is sent to the Will County Bar Association’s list every Tuesday.  Deadline to submit an ad is 12 Noon every Monday.

Newsletter Advertising will run for 3 straight weeks.

NO ADS will be sent out as a stand-alone email.

Ads, Press Releases, Announcements, etc. should be sent to WCBA by email at info@willcountybar.org. Any attachments must be in word or jpg form. Contact information must be included in every ad, press release, etc.

Pricing is based on the Will County Bar Association’s year which runs from July 1 to June 30th.

Member Pricing
Ads & announcements are free.

Non Member Pricing
$75.00 per ad

Political Ads
$100.00 per ad for all – no hyperlinks allowed and no separate email announcements are allowed.

CLE Seminar or Special Events Sponsorships

Allows interaction with members before & after class. Company names are included in announcements and handouts of agenda. $500.00

Web & Newsletter Sponsorship

This yearlong program, running from September to September, prominently displays your company name, logo and link on every email newsletter and on our home web page and other pages on the website. Newsletters are sent via email to over 1,400 email addresses.

The cost of Web Sponsorship is $2,500.00.

Web Only or Newsletter Only Sponsorship

Same yearlong program as above except advertising is only on one venue.

Cost for one venue is $1, 500.00.