Judge Derek Ewanic Standing Orders

Policies And Procedures
Effective 9-1-21

Court Schedule

9:00a.m.: Case Management Conferences/Status Dates/ Presentment of Motions (Monday-Friday).

9:30a.m.: Hearings (Monday-Friday).

10:30a.m: Prove-ups (Monday-Friday).

1:30 p.m.: Trials (Monday-Wednesday)/ On-going trials (Monday-Wednesday & Fridays).

1:30-4:30p.m. Pre-Trials (Thursday).

General Procedures:

Pursuant to Administrative Order 2021-38 all proceedings will be held in person unless for good cause shown otherwise ordered by the Court. Every Wednesday at 9:00am Judge Ewanic will conduct a status call via Zoom. This call will be limited to Case Management Conferences/Status Dates/Presentation of Motion.

Before court begins for the day or during periods of court recess, counsel shall check-in with the Court Clerk for the case(s) counsel has scheduled before the Court. The Clerk shall not be distracted while court is in session. When addressing a case before the Court, counsel shall first state the case line number on the Court docket sheet, followed by the case name and number.

Once a contested hearing or trial commences it will proceed day to day, except on Thursdays, unless for good cause shown otherwise ordered by the Court.

Communication with the Court:

All communication with the Court must be via writing with all parties copied in on the communication.

Courtesy Copies:

The Court will not accept courtesy copies unless of an Emergency Motion that is substantive in nature or otherwise directed by the Court.


Simple scheduling for statuses, case management conferences, and agreed prove-ups will be by minute entry unless otherwise ordered by the Court.

After a case has been addressed by the Court, if an Order is required, it must be received by the Court electronically via Odyssey before leaving the Courthouse for the day. A computer and scanner are available in the courtroom for said purpose. Counsel may use their laptop to prepare and submit their Orders in Court.

The Court will accept walk-in agreed Orders off-call for cases where each party is represented by counsel of record and there is a corresponding underlying Motion pending.


All prove-up documents including, but not limited to, the proposed Judgment for Dissolution of Marriage, Name Change Order, Support Order, Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage, etc. shall be submitted electronically under one envelope via Odyssey no more than two (2) business days prior to the scheduled court date.