Burlingame family plot

Lettie Lavilla Burlingame Restoration Project


The Will County Bar Association, in conjunction with the Will County Women’s Bar Association and Joliet Township Government, contributed toward the restoration of Lettie Lavilla Burlingame’s historical monument at the Oakwood Cemetery in Joliet. Miss Burlingame (1859 – 1890) was the first female attorney in Will County, and President of the Equal Suffrage Association. She was a pivotal leader of the Women’s Right to Vote Movement 100 years ago. The WCBA is proud to be part of this project honoring Miss Burlingame who was a trailblazer for women in our legal community.

More information about Miss Burlingame can be found at law.umich.edu

A digital copy of the book “Lettie Lavilla Burlingame: Her Life Pages, Stories, Poems and Essays” can be found on Google Books online here.

Pictured from left to right near the Burlingame family plot is Will County Women’s Bar Association President, Charlene Recio; Joliet Township Supervisor, Dan Vera; and Immediate Past President of the Will County Bar Association, Erin W. O’Brien.

Lettie Lavilla Burlingame

Lettie Lavilla Burlingame Restoration Project Photo Gallery