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Jeff Tomczak – Your Case Matters

by Rachel Barks

Since 1986 Jeff Tomczak has been a reliable and trusted name in the Will County, Cook, DuPage, Grundy, Kankakee and LaSalle County areas.

Tomczak has served hundreds of cases across these areas. Originally from Chicago, he admits he never thought he would end up in the Joliet area. However, his impact on the Joliet legal community has been vast in the decades he has been in the field.

This stems from a true love of what he does and his commitment to each person and case, “It’s the personal interactions between the clients and you. It’s like magic. Somebody’s presenting you with a problem they’re very concerned about and you use your skills, training, and your experience to try to help them,” Tomczak said.

Some memorable experiences and memories he holds include being appointed by the Supreme Court on the Capitol Litigation Committee Certification Committee, as well as arguing a couple of different appeals in front of the Illinois Supreme Court.

“He works unlike any attorney I’ve seen: very creative in his defense, has very difficult cases, and looks at everything with such a close eye and a lot of research,” said Patty Kalkanis, Attorney at Law, The Tomczak Law Group. “He has such a unique approach to criminal law.”

“You’ve Got To Teach The Next Guy”

In his time as an attorney, Tomczak has had many mentors who have made an impact that he carries with him. Some of these mentors include Robert Kiesler, Edward Petka, and Judge Edward Burmila, dear friends who have taught him a lot, he noted.

Tomczak’s deep appreciation of his own mentors has lit a passion for apprenticeship, something he strongly believes should drive the world of law.

“When you hire somebody, as a lawyer, it’s not an employment contract. It’s an apprenticeship,” Tomczak said. “You have to teach the next lawyer, what you know, and how you practice law. And that’s something that I’ve always felt for the 30-some years I’ve been practicing; you’ve got to teach the next guy, what’s going on, and how to do it.”

Tips for Younger Lawyers

Tomczak mentioned some words of wisdom for younger lawyers to stay in tune with, that he finds great importance in.

“The formality of court appearances, I think is something we need to concentrate on a little bit more. if the judge is standing, you should be standing if you’re a lawyer,” Tomczak said. “If you’re going to say something to the court, even if it’s maybe not part of the session, you should stand when you’re speaking to the court. I hope that as time goes on that we don’t lose that formality because that is what makes us different.”

Branching off of apprenticeship, Tomczak expressed that he never turns down another lawyer’s question, no matter where he is.

Lastly, “You’d be surprised how many times a client can help you with something,” Tomczak said. “Don’t always assume the lawyers are the smartest guys in the room, that’s for sure.”

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